christmas led light strings

How to decorate string light

      How To Decorate led string lights outdoor

    Led outdoor string lights with single color theme will make the Christmas tree more integral. It is important to choose those colors that harmonize with its surroundings.

       Here are some popular tips: the classic Christmas tree color, red and green, always works well. A green tree with ribbons and garland come with red (sometimes some yellow) string lights is always a safe and traditional color matching. Together with some other glittering decorations it is easy to feel Christmassy. 

   If you want to add some metal color to make the Christmas tree to look more vibrant, try gold or silver led string lights outdoor.

    Winter colors as blue, white, silver or purple can dress the Christmas tree in an icy, sparkling snowy style. With this option, try not to use red or gold lights anymore. For a real minimalist winter look, white and silver decorations are perfect.

     So use silver or blue-purple serial led lights string instead.

     Metallic colors led outdoor string lights as gold, silver and copper are also easy to match. Use one or even all three of them can make a cosy environment. For these brighter colors, its recommended to use smaller led string light. Tiny flickering light makes the Christmas tree more delicate than large bulbs.

     Keep in mind that the no matter small  or big bulbs, they are only to decorate the Christmas tree, not to make themselves too conspicuous. Try not to use flashing lights. Again, it is important to use led outdoor string lights with a same color theme. If you are really not sure, choose white string lights.

LED light strip classification

 LED light strip classification 1: BY VOLTAGE

    The commercial led strip lights is made of many light beads with same specification, spliced by different quantity of strings. Different series-parallel numbers and circuit schemes enable the light strip with different input voltage. Basically there are the following catalogues:

High voltage: 220V

    High commercial led strip lights is the most commonly used light strip. Basically it is a long bundle of strip lights, ranging from 50 to 100 meters. Nowadays  full glue filling model is widely used for this type of strip. It can be cut freely to request. (Cut-by-100m stripe lights are already in market). It can be simply to use with a tail cover and a power plug to the mains.

     The high voltage light strip is composed of wires on both sides and flexible light plate in the middle. High voltage commercial led strip lights is used to transmit high voltage. The flexible light plates of each unit are connected in series with certain number of leads. The current is limited by resistance, and spliced to the wires on both sides.

    There is a small protrusion in the power head, which is actually a bridge pile, to convert AC high voltage power into DC power. Basically, the rated current setting of the bridge reactor shall not be exceeded, otherwise it is easy to burn out.

    One power supply can support 50-100M stripe. With a power plug, it can be connected directly to civil power supply. Even if it can only be cut by meters, it can already be adequate for daily use.

     These features are exactly what electricians and installers like. Simple composition and convenient installation. However, there are still some shortcomings.

   Because high voltage stripe can only be cut by meters, when some positions need to be precisely cut, either the length is not enough, or it can only be folded up. Hence the brightness can be uneven, and may also cause the potential danger of burning.

    Although the wiring is easy, while it is directly connected to the mains, there is no driver protection. Therefore, some power grid pollution such as surge current and peak voltage can be directly transmitted to the light stripe, to cause burn out.

    The quality of different brand stripe lights are uneven. You may encounter with high voltage light stripe with poor quality. i.e. flexible plates too thin, lamp beads brightness too low, iron or aluminum wires. With Twinklestar Light product you can be sure all these shortcomings can be avoid.

Constant low voltage stripe light

   Low voltage, compared with high voltage, is usually DC power supply. The voltage is 5V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V.

  Constant voltage means that a transformer with constant voltage output is required to provide DC power with stable voltage for the light stripes.

     Principle of constant low voltage is that the light beads are connected in series with resistance, and the voltage at both ends is preset constant input voltage. Resistance is used for current limiting. There are also constant-current triodes or constant-current ICs. Then all are spliced to the main positive and negative poles.

  The length of low voltage can be cut by 33mm-101mm freely.

Low voltage constant current light stripe

   Low voltage means input voltage is set between 22-40V.

  Constant current means that a constant current driver is required to provide a constant DC for the lights.

   For low voltage constant current light strips, it is normally to connect them to the main positive and negative electrodes without resistance, triode or IC. The voltage of each strip is the same, but the total current needs to be set according to the rated current of the light bead and the heat dissipation conditions.

   Low voltage constant current light has many advantages:

    Without resistance, triode, diode, etc., the luminous efficiency is high. So that constant current commercial led strip lights shines brighter than constant voltage strip light  with same power and identical light bead.

    Voltage is often higher. Constant current is set between 30-36VDC. While most commonly used low voltage constant voltage light stripe is often set at 12VDC. So voltage drop on the light stripe will be less than that of the constant voltage 12VDC light. That leads to a more uniform brightness on head and tail of the stripe.

   The only difficulty of constant current stripe in comparison to constant voltage is that one needs to be familiar with LED driver, and which can be easily acquired.

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