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Q1:Are you factory? 

A: Yes, we are, our factory located in Changzhou, China.


Q2: What is your main products? 

A: Our main products are Led Christmas lights,Led strip lights and other decoration lights. We provide more than 100 types products.As well as full range accessories available.


Q3: Do you have any MOQ for orders? 

A:Some types have MOQ but 1 piece sample is always available. 


Q4: What is your main market? 

A:60-70% of our products are sold to Europe, Australia and north America.These markets have a high quality standard for LED products.While other new markets are in increasing demand of LED technology too. We areexpandingourterritoriestoothercontinentalsandcountries.


Q5: What about the lead time?

A:8-10 days for non-waterproof products.2 weeks for waterproof ones. Sample lead time 3-5 days. OEM/ODM products ‘lead time depends.


Q6: Is it OK to print my logo on products? 

A: YES. Please inform and confirm design of such before production.


Q7: Do you accept the customized? 

A:YES.New ideas are most welcome. We will try best to meet all your requests.


Q8:What is the guarantee for the products? 

A:We offer 3-year warranty for products.


Q9: How to buy your products? 

You can click ” Contact Supplier ” to send us inquiry, or send email to the address on our website.Our sales personal will respond promptly.


Q10. How to proceed an order for products? 

A: Firstly let us know your requirement or application.Then we quote according to your requirement with (when applicable)our suggestion. Then you confirm the design or sample (if applicable)and place deposit to confirm the order.Atlastitwillbeourjobtoproducesatisfyingightsforyou.

About Products


What’s the difference between normal LED fairy lights and commercial LED fairy lights?


The commercial LED fairy lights have bigger, stronger LEDS, they are made with thick rubber cable and therefore are more durable and energy efficent. Our commercial LED fairy lights are also low voltage which makes them safer. Commercial LED fairy lights are commonly used in public places like shopping centres, parks or at home.




How do I pick up a right light strip for my own?


When you are looking for a right light strip for certain purpose, kindly consider the following aspects:


Length of The Light Strip: The first thing you should check before buying an LED light strip is its length and how many LEDs are present on the strip. As it is possible to reduce the length of the strip if required, you won’t be able to increase its length without investing in a new LED strip light. Therefore, you should choose a longer LED strip than what’s needed for your installation, just to be on the safe side.


Voltage: Before you install the LED light strip, you have to check its power requirement. The power input and output of the LED strip are usually mentioned with the product to give you an idea about its power consumption as well as illumination. Since you are looking for a battery-powered option, it would be wise to choose a low voltage LED light strip as it will be much more reliable in comparison.


Battery Backup: As you are specifically looking for a battery-powered LED light strip, you should check the capacity of the battery powering the unit and the battery backup available for the light. The LED lights will be useless once the battery runs out. Thus, you should make sure that the light strip will last you around 6 hours at least, covering the entire night.




What is the difference between warm white and cool white?


Warm white LED bulbs emit a golden glow that closely mimics the light tone produced by incandescent lights. These bulbs work well inside and outside and pair well with red lights for red and white themed Christmas displays. Cool White LED lights produce a bright white glow which is perfect for mixing with other colors and can be seen from greater distances in outdoor settings. Popular color combinations for use with cool white LEDs include blue, red and green LED light bulbs. Cool white also pairs well with silver accents, snowflakes and winter wonderland themed displays.




If one light goes out do I lose the whole string?


No! Because LED bulbs are often rated for thousands of hours, it is rare for one to go out. However, if a bulb does go out on your string, the rest of the bulbs will stay lit!

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