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Look for LED strips? Choose high-quality led strips and light up any room in your home. Buy complete LED strips sets that are immediately ready for use, or choose individual or smart LED strips. Also buy all necessary accessories, such as connection materials and power cables.

View our range of smart led strips and add atmospheric lights to any room with this smart LED strip. They are easy to mount: under a shelf or behind the TV. On this page, check out our full collection of smart led strips. Filtering by chip rows, strip length, usage (indoor/outdoor) and protocol, you can always find a variety that suits your needs.



Model No.5050/3014/3528/5730/3030/COB/silicon360°illuminate/Silicon single-sided illuminate
Color Temperature (CCT)2700-7000K or customized
IP RatingIP20/IP65/IP67/IP68
Color Rendering Index (CRI)≥80 or customized
AC Input Voltage110V/220V
DC Input Voltage5-24V
Lamp Luminous Efficiency120LM/W or customized
Lamp Luminous Flux10-12LM or customized
Working Lifetime50000+ HOURS
Working Temperature-20~65℃
Luminous Angle120/180° or customized
CertificationROHS, CE
PCB Width5mm/8mm/10mm/14mm or customized
PCB Thickness2 oz or customized
Light ColorWarm white / Cold white / RGBY / Muilti / Customized
Bulb per Meter60/120/180 or customized
Cut Length50mm/100mm or customized
Length2m/5m/10m/15m/20m or customized
Control ModeApp/Remote/Keyboard/WIFI/Bluetooth
Power12w/m or customized
neon strip light
neon strip light
neon strip light
neon strip light
neon strip light
neon strip light
neon strip light
neon strip light
neon strip light
neon strip light
neon strip light
neon strip light
neon strip light
neon strip light


All above products can be customized. Item  length, unit quantity, size and shape can all be private tailored.

Means of power supply: solar/battery/power controlled or customized.

Give us a little hint, we will light your life with dreamy inspiration.

Direction for use

  1. If the strip is in rolls or not removed from  package, do not power it on for a long time. Heat in the middle may not be able to dissipate easily, hence to damage the strip. Strip shall only be lightened in single row.   
  2. Cut only at the blank between each metre  (whole metre cut). Do not cut the wires between electric board and the electric board itself. Wrong cut will cause the whole meter faulty.
  3. Cut clean, leave no burr to avoid short circuit. Tip of the pins shall not be inserted into the middle of the circuit board, which may cause power plug and strip burn. Strip has positive and negative end. If not light up, flip to the other end and reconnect.
  4. No hot line operating. Do not switch power on during installation or assembly. Only when wired, installed and fixed properly can electricity be connected.
  5. During installation and use, do not hit the strip with blunt instruments or nails. Do not use heavy objects to press the strip or drop it hard. Do not pull the strip with force, do not throw the strip from high. Do not suspend the strip. It will easily break, so will the circuit board. it must be fixed with ropes   for use at height.
  6. Outdoor use requires glue sealing at both ends of the strip. And strips are not allowed to enter water, nor should it be soaked in water for long.
  7. Only strip and power plug with same specifications can be used together. Different specification items shall not be mix used. Plug MUST be used, otherwise, the strip can be easily burnt. Strip itself does not includes any accessories, which shall be purchased separately. Conventional strips are strobe strips. If you need no strobe strips please specify.
  8. Do not install in water, flammable and explosive conditions. Do not wrap or cover with objects. Keep surroundings with good ventilation and heat dissipation.
  9. Do not use metal materials (such as metal wire) to fix the strips to avoid getting caught in strip ro cause electricity leakage and short circuit burn. The strip must be fixed on an insulating material instead of any conductive one.



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